Alastair with Papa G - father, role model, friend and amazing grandfather (Papa) to his children Leon & Noah

Alastair with Papa G - father, role model, friend and amazing grandfather (Papa) to his children Leon & Noah

Son of renowned portrait artist Anne Becker, Alastair set up Papa G Prints in 2017 to share his vibrant collection of original artworks with the world.

Why the name 'Papa G Prints'?

The name Papa G comes from his father Gerald who is lovingly called Papa by his four grandsons. As both originals and the finest quality Giclee prints would be available to buy the name became the perfect fit.

Motivation to Create

Coming from an arty family, Alastair has always been an avid artist, but the decision to put together a portfolio of work only came to fruition later in life following a ten year period living and working in Japan. Years of telling others to go after their dreams and fulfill their potential both in Japan as an English Language teacher and now back in the UK as a primary school teacher have driven Alastair to do just that. Teacher by day, artist by night. 

Style & Inspiration

Ink Work: His work pays homage to his time in Asia, cleverly marrying Japanese calligraphy techniques and mediums including Japanese' Sumi' inks with more traditional western mediums such as watercolours and acrylics. Bold yet subtle use of black inks and paints reflect shadows that would otherwise go unnoticed with trademark accents of colour bringing personality, emotion and a sense of fun to many of the pieces.

The artwork also takes Inspiration from the subtle beauty of both the natural and man-made worlds, with artworks themes ranging from the critically endangered Black Rhino to images of the iconic Double Decker buses.

Abstract Work: Looking to express himself in different ways, Alastair built on the success of his trademark artworks using Japanese 'Sumi' ink by releasing his first collection of contemporary abstract art works in January 2018 following a number of eagerly awaited commissioned abstracts. His abstracts showcase his array of creative skills with their unique qualities capturing one's gaze time and time again.

Papa G Prints - What sets us apart?

Papa G Prints is now home to a growing, one of a kind, collection of beautifully crafted artworks. Refreshingly different, Alastair's portfolio of work 'captures your imagination time and time again' with thought-provoking portrayals of life. 

Papa G Prints is the place to go for the highest quality Giclee prints, original artworks and commissions.

Why Giclee?

Fine Art Giclee prints enable artists and photographers to achieve the highest possible standards of reproduction and have prints that last. The secret lies in the pigment inks and archival materials used. Every print is individually produced to your specific requirements.